Health is what mostly concerns all of us on daily basis!

Food, drinks and physical activity are the basic determinants of our health matrix. In this concern, many body parts base their functionality on a good daily hydration.

Brain is one of our body organs which substantially runs on water, since it’s made of water for 85% of its weight.
It occurs often that the feeling of weariness or lack of concentration is determined by our brain's natural thirst for water, which anticipates our feeling of thirst.
Stress, the most common disease of our times, is frequently determined by a bad hydration which causes a bad circulation and absorption of nutritive elements from body cells, water playing an important role in leading these components to the latter, our body centers of energy production . Our face and body skin also suffers from an improper hydration manifesting it through proliferation of impurities and visible exhaustion signs.

But still not all waters can serve the necessity of hydration in the same way.

Qafshtama water is ideal as a continuous source of hydration!

Being a very LIGHT water it favors a natural diuresis process which for our body means a faster rotation of water in and out of it, helping a pleasant feeling of lightness and well-being. It nicely flows inside your body and, being so light, can hardly be felt in any way.

Qafshtama favors a normal flawless digestion and stops the unpleasant feeling of stomach swelling normally caused by water retention.

The mineral composition of the water boasts a wide range of benefits for our body like helping to maintain a healthy cardio system, strong teeth and bones, well-functioning kidney, a normal diuresis process and a radiant body skin.

Qafshtama water is most indicated for diets and generally for people following a healthy lifestyle..

It also prevents in women the unpleasant phenomenon of cellulite, otherwise called “the orange peel skin” effect, by deterring water retention.

Finally, "Qafshtama" water has an enjoyable mild taste suitable to any consumer!