Sport activities are the fastest water consuming activities our body experiences. Hence, the necessity of a hasty hydration each time we practice sports.

The important thing is to remember to drink water especially while practicing sports, since our body water demand usually anticipates the feeling of thirst. Sometimes sportsman can lose their muscles efficiency and fluidity of movement and the reason may most commonly be a bad hydration before, during and after doing physical activity.

Drinking few glasses of water also helps digestion after eating and prepares the body for the physical effort.

"Qafshtama" is the best water for a quick and effective hydration while practicing any kind of physical activity, practical in its half liter bottle format.

By stimulating a naturally effective digestion process and hindering water retention, it also facilitates the absorption of nutritive elements from our muscles cells, helping them release the appropriate amount of energy a sportsman needs.

Thanks to magnesium it keeps our heart strong and boosts our body muscles and structure activity.

"Qafshtama" water is main sponsor of the Albanian National Volleyball Team.