The production plant for Qafshtama bottled water is located close to one of the two biggest protected natural green areas in Albania, in Qafshtama mountain, about 10 km distance from the city of Kruja, within Durres administrative unit.

The landscape is famous for it’s high mountain peaks, fresh air, thick pine tree woods and multiple natural water resources. Such incomparable richness makes of our plant position a unique spot where the purest water springs flow and an indisputable competitive advantage compared to other active players in the Albanian bottled water market.

This specific location has been accurately chosen so that by bottling directly at this high mountain source known as the "Queen Spring", all the health benefits of the precious highland spring water of Qafshtama mountain might be entirely preserved.

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The Qafshtama factory is the only water bottling plant in Albania located at 1.350 meters of altitude above sea level, where water gets bottled directly at the source before undergoing an advanced technological process.

This unique position, on a high plateau sorrounded by mountains in the midst of a virgin and totally non contaminated environment, allows that the customer might taste a product which encloses all the freshness and qualities of the purest water from high mountain springs.

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