A bit of history

Our company was founded in 2005, when one of the leading companies in the food sector in Albania, EHW GmbH, decided to implement a new project on the construction of a modern automatized production line for bottling water at the source and supplying the water market with the precious underground waters of the Qafshtama mountain, located about 10 km from Kruja.

Hence, the first serious project, consisting in bottling directly at a high mountain source at 1.350 meters of altitude, started being implemented.
EHW introduced to the market the product branded "Qafshtama", after the name of the mountain spring where this water originates, as a reminder of the rare properties associated to one of the most famous and well known natural water sources in Albania.

The water is bottled at the source and is not subject to any treatment that could alter its properties. The only process it undergoes is filtration which guarantees the absolute microbiological purity of the final product.

Every single drop of Qafshtama bottled water is examined daily by EHW professionals in the company laboratories, so that its microbiological purity might be fully guaranteed on a continuative basis.

Besides, weekly analysis are conducted from experts of the Institute of Food Safety based in Tirana.

Some figures

Qafshtama experienced a quick development during the first years of its existence, with an average yearly turnover growth of 20%.

In 2009, it represented one of the main emergent players in the sector of bottled water with a fast growing market share.

The company has a high automation degree of the production line. The distribution chain is mainly owned by the company and guarantees a good coverage of the national market, especially the most developed area of central Albania with over 600 clients nationwide.

The company has mainly focused on outsourcing distribution outside the greater Tirana area, but keeps a tight supervision on distributors performance, relationship with the clients, brand and product image.

EHW is rapidly investing in expanding Qafshtama plant's production capacity, aiming at accessing the international market in the future.