Qafshtama water is bottled and packed through a new modern automatic production line located at only 200 meters distance from the exploited springs and undergoing daily maintenance and sterilization.

Once accessing the factory, the water flows through an advanced filtration system, which guarantees an absolute microbiological purity given the minimal size of its smallest filter pores of only 0.2 microns.

No additional type of treatment is used on water so that its organoleptic features might remain unchanged.

The purified water then follows into the modern rinsing – capping – filling monoblock machinery, which allows perfect water levelling in each bottle, in accordance with the weight value indicator on the label, and a precise capping procedure.

The capped bottles then are taken through the conveyer to the labelling machine and there follow fully automated dating, case packing and palleting process.

Here we get the final product, ready to be loaded on the trucks and sent to the three big company storage houses.

Qafshtama has a concession on 9 water sources in the Qafshtama mountain out of which only one is exploited at present.

Hence, the obvious possibility to expand production according to national and international market needs.
The Source
Perform Blowing System
From Blowing to Filling
Automated Dating and Labelling
Case packing
Palleting process