EHW Qafshtama Water Natural 0.5 Liters

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Qafshtama water, as an extremely light water, can be wonderfully tasted if “Natural”.

It has a mild fresh taste and stimulates digestion, granting a never-ending feeling of lightness and vitality.

The 0.5 L bottle format is ideal for outdoors consumption.

It can be consumed in bars, clubs and restaurants but is perfectly handy also for any sport activity and various others performed outdoors like picnics, strolls etc. It could be a perfect source of hydration for babies and children thanks to its small size, handy shape and light weight as a PET bottle.

Its nice elegant shape could add importance to any event.

The small size makes it totally practical to be handled and kept close everywhere you are, as a perfectly disposable font of hydration all day round.

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