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"EHW Qafshtama" is a symbol name for high quality and a long tradition in the food sector.

We are a fast growing company already affirmed as one of the main players in the albanian bottled water market, part of EHW GmbH, a leading group in the food sector in Albania since 1992.

As our employee, you will have the chance to work with a team of professionals, in a good working environment offering various opportunities for continuous development and professional growth.

We look for young motivated individuals who share our values of doing business and show dynamism, pragmatism, teamworking and teambuilding attitude, trustworthiness and reliability.

We firmly believe that people are the fundamentals of our success and a priceless resource for the future!

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01. Marketing & Sales Department

Vacant Position No.1 Sales Area ...


If you want to work for a young and dynamic, successful company with great prospects and if you believe in our mission, you should definitely come on board.

Free candidacies will be saved in the company database and considered each time there is a new opening.

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